Karistrand Tunnel

Karistrand Tunnel - Norway

The Karistrand Tunnel is a Norwegian tunnel on the E6 at Narvik in Nordland which opened in 2018. The tunnel is a part of the Hålogalandsbrua project, shorting the section between Narvik and Bjerkvik by just over 11 miles. The tunnel is built with 2 lanes according to class T12.5 with a pedestrian and cycle pathway, both of which are separated on one side by the road all the way to the bridge. AEC was tasked with upgrading the road tunnel lighting to provide light uniformity, achieving the main objective of increased safety within the Karistrand Tunnel.



Key Facts and Figures:
Tunnel Length: 
Tunnel Width: 
Traffic Lanes: 2
Fixture Used: GALILEO EB Tunnel
Quantity of Fixtures: