Italo 2 UB TS

Italo Urban is a beautiful focal point of any environment. The high end LED luminaire can accommodate any type of surrounding.
The Italo Urban is easy to install, keep clean and maintain and is available in many colors from standard to custom. Whether your environment is traditional or modern, Italo products will compliment your City and add a lavish, luxurious feel while protecting your safety and the environment.
Aesthetic design certainly played a significant role in the design process. The new LED product range is characterized by a defined light-style, as a result of accurate research on forms and light perception. AEC opens up new frontiers in outdoor lighting, promoting design excellence and optimum performance.

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Applications: Street and urban lighting.
Tilt angle:    Horizontal plane: ±15°

                            Rotation: 360° on vertical axis

Weight: 26.5 Lbs / 12 kg
EPA:   Side: 0.65 ft2 (0.06m2)

               Top: 2.69 ft2 (0.25m2)

(Cross Section Surface)
Use Drag coefficient factor - 0.5

MountingØ 1/4” to Ø 1/2”

                           Ø 6 mm ÷ Ø 12 mm

Power Factor: >0.9 (full load)
Power cable: H07RN-F a2/3 x 1.5mm2
Connector-IP68: Cable Dia. 0.27”-0.39” (7mm-10mm)

Optical unit lifetime 

(Ta: 77°F/25°C)

525 mA L90B10 ≥ 100 000 h
(Including critical failures)
L80 > 100 000 h, TM-21
700 mA L90B10 ≥ 100 000 h
(Including critical failures)
L80 > 100 000 h, TM-21