Story S

The STORY lantern features a traditional shape with four face profiles and it result to be an excellent solution for lighting installation in both modern and traditional places. STORY is featured also and in particular by high level performance thanks to the most recent LED technology developed by AEC ILLUMINAZIONE.
STORY is a luminaire able to provide an excellent quality of the light and high visual comfort. Its optical system HYPER COMFORT has been studied to eliminate totally the glare effect, assuring in this way better comfort. The comfort optics of STORY has been studied to emit a luminous flux in a diffusive way, instead of directly. Its satinized screen, allows furthermore to decrease the luminance, so the glare.

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Applications: Street and urban lighting.
Tilt angle: 0°
Weight: 19.8 lbs / 9 kg
EPA:   Side: 0.75 ft2 (0.07m2)

               Top: 1.61 ft2 (0.15m2)

(Cross Section Surface)
Use Drag coefficient factor - 0.5

Mounting1/2” BPT
Power Factor: >0.9 (full load)
Power cable: H07RN-F a2/3 x 1.5mm2
Connector-IP68: Cable Dia. 0.27”-0.39” (7mm-10mm)

Optical unit lifetime 

(Ta: 77°F/25°C)

150 mA L90B10 ≥ 100 000 h
(Including critical failures)
L90 > 100 000 h, TM-21
700 mA L90B10 ≥ 100 000 h
(Including critical failures)
L90 > 100 000 h, TM-21