Mod Bollard 500

Mod Bollard on of the most verstile and creative series of ever year!

The wide series offers excellent levels of performance, creating the right atmosphere for all the urban contexts. Its design assures a coherent and elegant identity to the urban city.

All the MOD Series is a “Smart Ready” series. Thanks to the predisposition for AEC Smart Node, it is possible to integrate the luminaires in AEC Smart System, realizing the infrastructure necessary for the activation of Smart services, taking advantages for municipalities and citizens: for cities that looks to the future and to energy saving

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Applications: Street and urban lighting.
Tilt angle: 0°
Weight: 24.7 lbs / 11.2 kg
EPA: Please check RX pole info

MountingBase plate
Power Factor: >0.95 (full load - F, DA, DAC)
Power cableH07RN-F a2/3 x 1.5mm2
Connector-IP68: Cable Dia. 0.27”-0.39” (7mm-10mm)

Optical unit lifetime 

(Ta: 77°F/25°C)

350 mA L90B10 ≥ 100 000 h
(Including critical failures)
L90 > 100 000 h, TM-21