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Founded in 1957, AEC began its humble beginnings producing incandescent lamps for industrial and commercial applications as well as decorative outdoor lighting. It didn’t take long for the company to expand its ambitions. Investing heavily in the new production of street lighting devices, AEC successfully entered the market of public lighting in 1984 and has grown to become a leader in street, urban, and decorative lighting. From a small, experimental workshop to a global corporation providing illumination in more than 100 countries, AEC remains focused on the design and engineering required to produce the best illumination solutions and technology.

Considered the worst flood in Florence’s history since 1557, the flood of the Arno swept through the city, killing 101 people and damaging/destroying countless works of art and infrastructure. With he combined effort of Italian and foreign volunteers alike named angeli del fango (“Mud Angels”), many of these fine works were restored. The city still needed to replace existing infrastructure and came to AEC for help. AEC Illuminazione was able to provide the city center with new decorative street lighting.

In the 1960s and 1970s AEC retained its outstanding position in the local and international markets despite the industry being subjected to sharp fluctuations in sales. Known as an all-rounder in the lighting industry, AEC was a leader of both the production of cast iron poles as well as lighting fixtures in Italy. With the significant increase in sales and production, the company continued its steady, upward trend that has prevailed ever since.

Following the sudden death of the founder, Cino Cini, Alessandro Cini continues his father’s vision for AEC Illuminazione. With the recent success of the company, Alessandro Cini decides to build upon AEC’s core values and begins to carry out a plan for business development. The company is looking to expand and improve its efficiency and precision in production as well as R&D.

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During the 2000’s, AEC has settled into their new headquarters and continues to expand upon its existing facility. By 2007, the new plant in Castelnuovo will grow to nearly 130,000 square feet of production, research, and office space. This expansion will allow the company to continue to grow and become a leader in the industry.

During the last decade, AEC has continued to strengthen every area of its business. The company has seen a consistent increase in available product lines as well as continued growth of its facilities and reputation. By building a corporate culture that emphasizes a service mentality as well as regular investment in research and development, the company is able to stay at the top of the industry. Utilizing over 60 years of experience, AEC remains focused on producing the best illumination solutions and technology.