Ecorays TS

ECORAYS is synonymous with efficiency and energy savings. The luminaire provides urban landscape with comfortable and homogenous light in A++ energy class. The name proves the continuous commitment of AEC to sustainable solutions.

In the various lighting projects, it is necessary to take into consideration, in addition to all the functional and technical aspect of the luminaire, also to the potential that the light has to give a comfortable atmosphere to the whole external environment. The right lighting allows city to regain an identity even during the night, transmitting a feeling of security to citizens.

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Applications: Street and urban lighting.
Tilt angle: Horizontal plane: ±15°

                          Rotation: 360° on vertical axis

Weight: 15.4 lbs / 7 kg
EPA:   Side: 0.43 ft2 (0.04m2)

               Top: 1.83 ft2 (0.17m2)

(Cross Section Surface)
Use Drag coefficient factor - 0.5

MountingØ 1/4” to Ø 1/2”
                           Ø 6 mm ÷ Ø 12 mm
Power Factor: >0.9 (full load)
Power cable: H07RN-F a2/3 x 1.5mm2
Connector-IP68: Cable Dia. 0.27”-0.39” (7mm-10mm)

Optical unit lifetime 

(Ta: 77°F/25°C)

525 mA L90B10 ≥ 100 000 h
(Including critical failures)
L90 > 100 000 h, TM-21
700 mA L90B10 ≥ 100 000 h
(Including critical failures)
L90 > 100 000 h, TM-21