Strand Tunnel

Strand Tunnel - Norway

AEC Illuminazione was chosen for the new LED lighting of the Strand tunnel in Norway. The tunnel is 440m long, and its construction represents an important part of an avalanche protection program on multiple roads in the western and northern regions of the country.  Drivers in this area were accustomed to bright outside light at the entrance of the tunnel. Due to the difference in exterior and interior brightness, visual discomfort was a large factor regarding accidents in the area. AEC, in collaboration with Multilux, official Partner in Norway, supplied the LED lighting system for Galileo tunnels, guaranteeing drivers maximum safety and visual comfort.



Key Facts and Figures:
Tunnel Length: 440m  (0.27 miles )
Tunnel Width: 
Traffic Lanes: 2
Fixture Used: GALILEO EB Tunnel
Quantity of Fixtures: