Italo Urban TP LED Light fixture modern design

Italo Urban TP

Striking lines, bold functional profile, and streamlined applications. These are a few of the descriptive comments that have been made about the Italo Urban series.
Taking its cue from the aerodynamic shape of an aircraft wing, we strove to provide a low profile luminaire with multiple mounting options from pole to wire mounted applications the Italo Urban series offers the maximum amount of flexibility.

Aesthetic design certainly played a significant role in the design process.  The Italo Urban range is characterized by a definite style.  This opens up new frontiers in outdoor lighting promoting design and optimal performance. The form aside, we offer a state of the art LED engine designed for maximum focused lumen output.   Our proprietary easy open system provides a single point of access without the need for multiple technicians.

With a unified design, you will enjoy the cross compatibility aspect of the product. Having a single light engine to work with will simplify product maintenance and troubleshooting.